How To Know You Found The Right Dress

T.V. shows like “Say Yes To The Dress” have dramatized the moment of finding wedding dresses, leaving girls with unrealistic expectations of what that moment is supposed to feel like. Although some girls do cry at the “say yes” moment, not everyone does, and that’s okay!

We’ve broken down some of tell-tale signs that you’re in your future wedding dress:

You Do A Little Dance

Happiness takes over and you can’t help yourself – you end up busting a move! Go ahead girl, get down with your bad self!

You Can’t Stop Staring At Yourself

You look good and you KNOW it. Even if the sample size doesn’t fit you perfectly, your completely obsessed with your reflection in the mirror.

You Compare Every Dress To THE Dress

If you try on any other gowns, that one dress is still in the back of your mind. You look at yourself and all you can see is the other dress.

Do any of these signs remind you of a dress you’ve tried on? What are you waiting for?! Go say yes to the dress!!!!

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