How To Know You Found The Right Dress

T.V. shows like “Say Yes To The Dress” have dramatized the moment of finding wedding dresses, leaving girls with unrealistic expectations of what that moment is supposed to feel like. Although some girls do cry at the “say yes” moment, not everyone does, and that’s okay!

We’ve broken down some of tell-tale signs that you’re in your future wedding dress:

You Do A Little Dance

Happiness takes over and you can’t help yourself – you end up busting a move! Go ahead girl, get down with your bad self!

You Can’t Stop Staring At Yourself

You look good and you KNOW it. Even if the sample size doesn’t fit you perfectly, your completely obsessed with your reflection in the mirror.

You Compare Every Dress To THE Dress

If you try on any other gowns, that one dress is still in the back of your mind. You look at yourself and all you can see is the other dress.

Do any of these signs remind you of a dress you’ve tried on? What are you waiting for?! Go say yes to the dress!!!!

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#Figure It Out: The Pros & Cons of Different Dress Styles on Different Body Shapes

All brides-to-be come to realize that wedding dress shopping has its own lingo. All of the different terms and names of designers can be overwhelming. But after you read this article and take a trip to Lotus Bridal, you will be a pro and have an understanding of what dress shape matches the vibe of your wedding & makes you look and feel your absolute best!

A-Line Wedding Dress

What is it?

An A-Line dress features a fitted bodice that flares from the waist, gradually getting wider as it goes towards the floor, mimicking a capital letter “A”.

Should I Say Yes?

This dress looks good on any body type. It emphasizes a teeny-tiny waist line while maintaining a classic, bridal feel.

Should I Say No?

If you are looking for a dress that shows off your booty, stay away from A-Line.

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Trumpet & Mermaid Gowns

What are they?

Both Trumpet & Mermaid gowns are known for their body-hugging shapes. Trumpets flare out starting in the middle of the thigh. Mermaid dresses flare out starting at the knee, allowing for a more dramatic flare or “poof” at the bottom.

Should I Say Yes?

If you love your curves and want to show off that sexy-bod then this is the style for you! This dress elongates brides while showing off an hour glass figure.

Should I Say No?

If your main concern for your wedding day is mobility & ease of walking, then consider staying away from mermaid & trumpet dresses. Girls who do not want to bring attention to their hips often do not like the fit of these dresses.

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What is it?

The Ballgown is best known for being the “princess dress” due to it’s full skirt and fitted bodice.

Should I Say Yes?

Lotus Bridal rejects the idea that a girl is too big or too small to wear a ballgown. If you want to feel like a princess on your big day, then the girls at Lotus Bridal will help you match it with the perfect tiara!

Should I Say No?

One thing to consider is that ballgown dresses can get heavy. Another factor to consider is your venue. If the space is on the smaller side, you might want to stay away from such a voluminous gown.

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Start the journey to find your dream wedding dress today. Visit to see our selection & how to schedule your first appointment.


HOLY MATROMOJIs by Hayley Paige are an absolute must have for all brides-to-be. Here’s why…

Hayley Paige is one of the youngest fashion designers in the bridal industry. So it’s no wonder why her wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are a mega hit with millennial brides-to-be. So when Paige saw an obvious need in the market, she blessed us with “Holy Matromoji”.

Holy Matromojis are fun, sexy, and a perfect way to liven up your bridal squad group chat. They include hilarious gifs and adorable images. Whether you’re feeling carefree or a little like a bridezilla, there’s a Matromoji to suit your mood. Here are a few of our favorites for you to see for yourself. If you don’t know about Matromojis, NOW YA KNOW! Get from the app store today!


Hey You BOHO Brides, We’re Having a WToo Trunk Show This Weekend!!


Lotus Bridal in Mineola will be hosting a WToo Trunk Show starting today, May 10th going to May 13th. If you are looking for a simple, chic gown, this is the perfect event for you! Take advantage of the 10% discount price happening for a limited time only. Call 516-248-2888 or email to schedule your appointment.

Wedding Wednesday: Choosing a #Hashtag For My Wedding

#Hashtagging is the latest trend in wedding planning. Not only does it allow you to track pictures your guests took of the big day, it also makes your wedding that much more memorable! But how do you pick the best hashtag for you and your fiance? And how do you get people to actually use it? We asked our brides some of their tips to help you find your perfect #WeddingHashtag!

-Start with your names. Use your first, last and nicknames as a starting point. You can do a mashup like the celebs do (remember Bradgalina? RIP)

-Consider the theme of your wedding. Are you doing a destination wedding in Hawaii? #Aloha(Groom’sName) is a cute and topical hashtag all of your guests will want to use

-Get Punny! Rhymes, alliterations, and synonyms are key to making a clever wedding hashtag

Once you’ve picked your hashtag you can move on to how to brand your hashtag so your guests know to use it! If you decide early enough, you can include the hashtag on your save-the-dates and invitations. They can be used leading up to your wedding by incorporating them in events such as your bridal shower, engagement party and rehearsal dinner. This way people are already aware it.  On the day of, have signs throughout the wedding to remind people to use it (i.e by the photobooth, in the cocktail room, etc.)

What’s the best hashtag you’ve seen at a wedding? Comment Below!

Eddy K Milano Trunk Show 11/19 – 11/26

Lotus Bridal is excited to announce that we are having another Eddy K Trunk Show! This time, we will be showcasing the newest and most beautiful styles from the Eddy K Milano collection. Be one of the first brides to try these gorgeous gowns on.  From Saturday, November 19th to Saturday, November 26th, Lotus Bridal will be giving our brides a 10% discount for any Eddy K wedding gown purchase!

This Trunk Show is by appointment only, so book your appointment by calling Lotus Bridal at 718-332-4385 or Email us at for more information. We look forward to working with you to find your dream Eddy K wedding gown!

Here is a sneak preview of the gowns that we will be receiving for the Trunk Show.




Martina Liana Trunk Show


The Martina Liana Collection has arrived at Lotus Bridal and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Not only do we have wedding gowns that will make your jaw drop, we now have the Martina Liana Separates: Together Forever Collection. This collection allows the bride to mix and match pieces to create looks ranging from Bohemian Chic, Sleek and sexy, to Whimsical Princess. It is truly a one of kind collection.

To showcase this new line we will be having a Trunk Show at Lotus Bridal from January 15th to the 18th. During this time we will be offering 10% off the Martina Liana collection! Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to attend this trunk show, call Lotus Bridal to make your appointment.