Wedding Wednesday: Choosing a #Hashtag For My Wedding

#Hashtagging is the latest trend in wedding planning. Not only does it allow you to track pictures your guests took of the big day, it also makes your wedding that much more memorable! But how do you pick the best hashtag for you and your fiance? And how do you get people to actually use it? We asked our brides some of their tips to help you find your perfect #WeddingHashtag!

-Start with your names. Use your first, last and nicknames as a starting point. You can do a mashup like the celebs do (remember Bradgalina? RIP)

-Consider the theme of your wedding. Are you doing a destination wedding in Hawaii? #Aloha(Groom’sName) is a cute and topical hashtag all of your guests will want to use

-Get Punny! Rhymes, alliterations, and synonyms are key to making a clever wedding hashtag

Once you’ve picked your hashtag you can move on to how to brand your hashtag so your guests know to use it! If you decide early enough, you can include the hashtag on your save-the-dates and invitations. They can be used leading up to your wedding by incorporating them in events such as your bridal shower, engagement party and rehearsal dinner. This way people are already aware it.  On the day of, have signs throughout the wedding to remind people to use it (i.e by the photobooth, in the cocktail room, etc.)

What’s the best hashtag you’ve seen at a wedding? Comment Below!


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