Halloween Inspired Wedding

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – HALLOWEEN!pumpkin


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October’s wonderful foliage, perfect sweater weather and all things pumpkin spiced make Halloween perfect for a wedding. Whether you want a chic gothic inspired day with hints of Halloween, or you want to really embrace candy corn, trick or treating and pumpkins – the girls at Lotus have you covered.
Here are Lotus Bridal’s Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind when planning a Halloween themed wedding!
#5 – Be true to your personalities.
If you and your soon to be spouse have never been big on Halloween, but are getting married on the holiday based on availability – don’t add pumpkins everywhere. If, on the other hand, you start planning Halloween in August, then I say play it up! Whether your wedding screams festivities or has a hint of All Hallow’s eve, make sure it’s about your love for each other first and foremost.
#4 – Choose a shade of bridesmaid dresses that your girls will love – and will photograph well in pictures.
Let’s face it ladies, orange is a hard color to pull off on most complexions and even harder for most redheads – ESPECIALLY in October when most people won’t have a tan. Black, on the other hand looks incredible on everyone, is slimming and can easily be worn again. As classic as a black dress can be, it doesn’t have as stand out as much as an orange shade. Consider this when deciding on a color for your bridesmaids to wear so you don’t become one of those “I hated my bridesmaid dress so much…” stories.  If you are committed to doing an orange hue (and I commend you for it), perhaps a rich rust shade or a more muted spice shade with hints of brown either of which will look stunning on most skin tones.
#3 – Picking a date.
When picking a date – be mindful of guests and Halloween plans. As much as you want your guests to come and celebrate with you (and we know they would love to be there with you) – scheduling your wedding on a holiday can mean fewer guests will be able to attend. For instance, many parents will want to take their children trick or treating and wouldn’t be able to do so if they attend your wedding. Pay attention to the religious affiliations of your guests – certain sects of Christianity do not celebrate Halloween, and Pagans observe it as a religious holiday. Many others may be wary of the mischief that often happens on Halloween and may not want to travel on Halloween. You can still have all of the Halloween fun the weekend before or after a long night dedicated to eating trick or treat candy. No matter what day you decide on, you can sure that the ones who matter most will attend no matter what – be in costume or tux.
#2 – Decor/Food
Cobwebs, pumpkins and cauldrons Oh My! Decide beforehand how much Halloween you want to incorporate before you start planning, and stick to it. Whether you want to add hints of holiday to your big day, or you’ve had a Halloween themed wreath on your door since the end of August, there are endless ways to add Halloween into the decor for your wedding. Adding fake spiders to your flowers, a dramatic black table runner or even a boutonniere featuring a few mini skulls or orange colored pansies.  A few simple touches like adding a pumpkin flavored soup/cheesecake to the menu or a signature cocktail featuring pumpkin can really get your guests in the season. Maybe even have your guests throw pumpkin seeds in lieu of rice after the ceremony. Use mini pumpkins as place card holders, have a pumpkin carving station, paint pumpkins black and gold and use them as centerpieces. The options are endless.
#1 – Have fun!
It’s your special day whether it’s Halloween, Friday the 13th or any other day. It can be fun to plan a wedding (especially a Halloween themed one), but don’t lose sight of what really matters – the commitment you two lovebirds are making to each other. Halloween comes every year, your wedding comes once in a lifetime.  Plus, with an anniversary on Halloween, your significant other is less likely to forget your wedding anniversary!

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