Popular Colors for Spring/Summer 2014 Weddings

There has been a trend brewing in Bridesmaids colors for Spring/Summer weddings! Brides are shying away from darker colors, opting instead for light colors, particularly in the Blush and Aqua/Mint family. The blush family, ranging from Buff to Rose, look great on all skin colors and emphasize the feel of a warm wedding. These shades can be found in most designers, but the most common are Bill Levkoff, The Dessy Collection, and Jim Hjelm Occasions.

Most recently, however, many brides have been drawn to the Mint color pallet. From Aqua to Tiffany Blue, these vibrant yet subdued shades add a touch of color to brighten any ceremony. The Dessy Collection, Bari Jay, and Wtoo are the designers that create these shades. Take a look at some of the shades that can be found at Lotus Bridal. And call 718-332-4385 to book an appointment to begin your search for the perfect bridesmaids gowns!

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